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Things get easier with Spectra’s latest dual pumping technology. The Dual Compact allows setting the Left and Right suction differently for each of your breasts. More silent than a kitten’s purr, this amazing hospital-grade rechargeable pump is recommended for active moms who are seeking portability and performance.

  • We suggest that you start off with the vacuum level on low, and then gradually increase the vacuum to a level that you feel comfortable with.
  • To enable the mute mode setting of the pump, hold down the massage mode function for 3 seconds, and the same to turn off the mute mode.

The Spectra Dual Compact arrives packaged with everything you need to start single or double pumping right away!

  • 2 x Spectra 28mm breast shields.
  • 2 x Spectra Backflow Protectors- including the silicone membrane, uppercase, and lowercase caps for each.
  • 2 x Spectra Duckbill Valves.
  • 2 x Spectra tubing with Adapter Ends for each Tubing.
  • 2 x Spectra Wide Neck Storage Bottles. Including teat, cap, disc and cover for each bottle.
  • 1 x Spectra UK charger.
  • Dual/ Single pumping by un/covering the tubing nozzle
  • Portable can fit easily in any tote bag
  • Rechargeable pump with built-in battery for 2 hours of uninterrupted usage.
  • Type C charger gives flexibility – use your mobile’s wire to charge the pump in the car.
  • LCD display to check settings and pumping time, convenient also in the dark.
  • Dual Motor Technology to adjust the vacuum differently for each breast.
  • Closed system for safe and hygienic pumping.
  • Adjustable settings to meet your individual needs.
  • Massage mode 5 Levels for the let-down phase.
  • Expression mode 12 Levels with 300 mmHg max power.
  • Quiet with Mute function.
  • Weight only 635 grams.
  • Dimension cm 9 x 18 (H x L).

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I’ve recently decided to relactate, and this has been the best thing for me and has really helped me get my milk supply back!

Simpler and more effective

Switched to this pump following other recommendations and after previous pump wasn't extracting all my milk and causing damage to my nipples. The Spectra is a lot simpler to use with fewer parts and easier to sterilise and dry within 2-3 hour pumping windows. The battery also lasts a lot longer (24 expression sessions vs. 2 of my previous pump) and in only 2 weeks my milk supply has doubled and there's no damage to my nipples even on higher settings.


Great pump

GREAT definitely recommend

I was using a portable pump but I barely get a 60ml from both breasts but after using this pump I can easily pump much more than that. It is very easy to clean as it has only 3 parts per breast and it is very comfortable if you get the right size. It is small , lightweight and has a battery which means you can move while pumping. But it’s not mute as says, it has some noise.

So happy with this pump

I had my daughter in April. After my little boy struggled to feed in 2019, I used a Spectra S1, which was great but I used it a LOT and the motor eventually died. When my daughter showed a preference for one sided breastfeeding I decided I was going to need to express. I decided to upgrade to the dual compact and I am so happy with it! As the left and right sides work independently, I have so much flexibility and it is so lightweight, I have been able to express on the go, particularly car journeys as a passenger. The let down function of really effective and the vacuum levels are superb. I managed to express between 70-120ml (depending on time of day) just from one breastfeeding, with no discomfort at all. Highly recommended.

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