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Natural Nursing Technology

What is Natural Nursing Technology?

What is a closed system?

Are the suction levels adjustable?

Our Pumps

How can I get a Spectra Breast Pump?

What pumps do you offer?

How do I assemble my pump?

How do I use my pump?

How do I clean my pump?

Should the pump automatically shut off?

How long does the battery last and what do the bars mean?

What are the differences between the Spectra S1 and S2?


Why have a massage mode and an expression mode?

When should I switch to expression mode?

What are the advantages of a digital screen?

Our Accessories

How do I assemble my accessories?

What size breast shield can be used with the Spectra?

How do I understand if I am using the correct breast shield size?

How do I select the correct breastshield size?

Are all of the collection kits and storage containers BPA-free?


I plug my pump in but its not turning on.

My pump won't charge

I have no or low suction

I am experiencing pain when I pump

How do I sterilise?

Are all the parts dishwasher safe?

Recycle my Pump

How can I recycle my pump?